What You Can Expect

You will receive a healthy, purebred Toy Fox Terrier that you will find absolutely delightful. I am available for any and all questions you might have and even if you choose to continue your search for another puppy, I will help you in any way I can.

  • Sire and Dam have been tested and clear of any genetic issues known to the breed: CHG (Congenital Hypothyroid with Goiter), Patellar Luxation, PLL (Primary Lens Luxation)
  • Sire is an AKC Grand Champion, Dam is an AKC Champion and/or Obedience titled as well as their parents and grandparents are AKC Champions
  • Puppies will be registered with the American Kennel Club registry. (UKC upon request)
  • Puppies will remain with breeder until at least 12 weeks of age 
  • Puppies will receive two rounds of distemper and dewormer before going to new home. New owner will need to provide third DHLPP vaccine and Rabies vaccine around 16 weeks. Lepto is given separately from DHPP. I give Lepto because of the wooded area in which I reside.
  • Puppies will be well socialized: o They will meet as close to 100 different people as possible (my last litter met 76) o They will meet several different animals; dogs, cats, goats, chickens, rabbits, o They will go many different places; my place of employment (veterinary hospital), dog cub, neighbor's home, cousin's home, sister's home, church- many roadtrips
  • Your puppy will be crate trained and 95% house-trained and will use potty pads.
  • Your puppy will have some basic obedience skills - sit, down, stand, come, and retrieve. I follow "The Breeder's Guide to Raising Superstar Dogs" by Jerry Hope.
  • I will always take a puppy/dog back if you find it necessary to give him/her up. I request that you contact me first if you need to give up the puppy/dog.

Things I expect from the puppy's new family:

  • Regardless if you have chosen a puppy as a pet or show prospective puppy, that puppy will be part of your family and your activities.
  • You will establish good relations with a vet and keep your pup current throughout its life with the appropriate vaccines and recommended health care by your vet.
  • You will make it a priority to spend “fun” time with them each day and lots of lap and snuggle time. They are very loyal and deserve lots of love.
  • You will advise me of any health issues that may develop.
  • It is expected that a pet/companion puppy will be spayed/neutered within the first year.
  • Show prospect puppies will be co-owned until their AKC Champion Title has been achieved. No breeding should take place until after the pup is AKC Champion Titled and until its third heat cycle.

TripleS Puppies